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Welcome to Strategic Management Insight, the place where you can find the most comprehensive information on strategic management subject online. This website is formed of three sections all related to strategic management. First section focuses on the theory of strategic management and its process. The part of strategy tools will try to explain the tools that are used by the companies in strategic analysis and strategic decisions. Last section provides you with the downloadable swot analyses of the biggest world companies.

We simply try to give you all what you could look for in this subject.

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1. Comprehensive, detailed articles on strategic management subject.

2. Free SWOT analyses of the largest world companies.

3. All the information is fully referenced so you could track the original sources and rely upon academics and professionals.

4. Articles are illustrated for better understanding and are available for downloading.

5. Easy way of dealing with strategic management!

Strategic Management

An image depicting strategic management

Extensive range of topics covering strategic management process

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Strategy Tools

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Strategy tools used by companies in all areas of the strategic planning

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Other Resources

Companies' logos

SWOT analyses and mission statements of more than 50 companies

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